“Weaving Dreams”: preserving Afghan culture

Hard to find positive news about Muslim women. Especially Muslim women helping Muslim women. Although this is not a new phenomenon, and happens everyday, it hardly gets recognized, or reported by mainstream media. This also extends to other women of color, not just Muslim women. So, it is wonderful to come across happy, good news, about Muslim women, women of color!

I am happy to share this great piece (“Weaving Dreams”) from emel magazine (August 2009 issue):

“Zolaykha Sherzad has made a life-changing career move, from award- winning architect in New York to founder of Zarif Design in Kabul. Mariam Mahir talks to the lady behind the fashion house about her faithful determination to re-awaken her country from decades of muted creative expression, preserving traditional Afghan costume.”

See Zarif Design to learn more. Zarif means fine or precious in Dari.

Turquoise Mountain Arts is another group working with local Afghan artists and craft masters to preserve Afghan culture and provide support and training through their foundation.


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Humor from the Maila Times

I love the Maila Times. It’s like the Pakistani version of the Onion.

Here’s a good story about following the “rules of the road” in Pakistan. Ha!  😀

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Beautiful Lions

Isn’t this beautiful?

See more about this photo by Nick Brandt and other big cat art at Mariam Kamal’s site.

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Lupe Fiasco Shares Moments of Resistance in New Documentary

Documentary: “The People Speak”

The documentary will air on the History Channel, Dec. 13. More info here.

From Chicago Public Radio:

Educating America’s youth about history that doesn’t always make it into textbooks is one goal of a new documentary called The People Speak. It’s a spinoff of sorts from The People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn who you may recall from an Eight Forty-Eight conversation last week. The film brings together images, music and narration with re-creations of American moments of resistance. There’s the Declaration of Independence; speeches by Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr.; songs by Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan and Public Enemy; and a call to action by Cindy Sheehan among many others. Each is brought to life by one member of a star-studded cast of performers. Recording artist, music producer, and Chicago native Lupe Fiasco and author and activist Anthony Arnove discuss the film.

Chicago Public Radio clip here.


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the beginning and “The Slap”

Welcome readers! This blog is beginning with a video posting of an Iranian short called “The Slap” directed by Ehsan Amani.  Thank you Zeynab for the link! Enjoy!  More stuff coming. . .

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