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Aziz Ansari: Top 10 photos

I recently saw Aziz Ansari perform live in Chicago. You can read all about it here. He’s a big fan of Top 10 lists, and I love him (not in a crazy stalker obsessed way, but in a totally legal, love from afar way), so logically what follows is a Top 10 list of my favorite Aziz Ansari photos.  I also love his cousins, Darwish and Harris, and hearing/reading about their adventures/feuds/obsessions with rappers, Cinnabons and Jack Bauer.

Number 10: Realistic portrayal of what would most likely happen if I approached Aziz.

Number 9: Andy Samberg back off my man! Notice Aziz is wearing a suit. Stylish.

Number 8: Even though he’s a comedian/actor, Aziz can probably  perform surgery if necessary. And, he won’t freak out like this guy. See this excellent Ultrabrown post on his role as Big Ed on Scrubs- also includes video clips!

Number 7: Baby Aziz. Yeah this doesn’t count really. Everyone’s baby photo is cute. Is that a real tree with snow on it? Awesome.

Number 6: He has a healthy appetite.

Number 5: Everyone needs their beauty sleep. Even awesome comedian/actors like Aziz. He ate too many sandwiches, so his eating hand needs therapy. I’m not sure if this is even Aziz, it could be a friend’s brother/cousin/inmate.

Number 4: Aziz has no fear.That lion was probably his pet and he now uses it’s dead skin for decoration. Notice he is wearing a suit, but without a tie. He’s cool like that.

Number 3: Ignore background guy (Rob Huebel) who is ruining this photo of Aziz laughing/smiling.

Number 2: Have you ever seen a guy wear a trench coat like this in your entire life? No, I didn’t think so.

Number 1: The headband says it all.



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Humor from the Maila Times

I love the Maila Times. It’s like the Pakistani version of the Onion.

Here’s a good story about following the “rules of the road” in Pakistan. Ha!  😀

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