Lost review: “Sundown”

I’m a big Lost fan. I can’t believe this is the last season. Ten more episodes and then it’s over. Forever.  Here are my thoughts on “Sundown” (Airdate 3/2/2010, Season 6, Episode 6). Warning- Spoilers.

Photo summary:

This episode should’ve been called “Party with Smokey at Sundown”

Sayid crossed over the dark side, aka Team Smokey. He did enjoy payback against his torturers- see below in RIP part.

Claire is cuckoo and Team Smokey all the way. This week she sang songs for us and told Kate she didn’t need to be rescued. Silly Kate.

Here’s the main man/being on the Island. No, it’s not John Locke.

It’s this guy in John Locke’s body. Resident Island bad ass: Smokey aka Claire’s friend aka the Man in Black.

This guy is funny. He got separated from Kate when Smokey came to party at the Temple. I hope he’s okay.

Hurley is funny too, but we didn’t see him this week. He’s stuck with crybaby Jack on his trail of tears.

RIP Temple Master aka Dogen aka Asian stereotype. Next time: don’t water board people to “save” them. It’s not nice.

RIP “translator” (Lennon). He had an untimely demise in the Miami Vice movie too.

Kate. Shut up.  Stop talking about how you’ve been taking care of Aaron. Claire might kill you.

This scary guy died. Again. In the Sideways timeline. Thanks Sayid! So happy you did it. Keamy deserved it. Again.

Poor Jin. Last week, he was trapped in Claire’s jungle cuckoo nest with Smokey. This week, he’s locked up in a freezer in the Sideways timeline.  Sayid finds Jin after he takes out Keamy. Will Sayid help Jin?

Sundown. No more light, darkness takes over. Smokey likes the dark, and dark colors.  But, the sun doesn’t stay down forever.


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