Lost and Alice in Wonderland

I saw the Alice in Wonderland movie, and of course, the only reason I saw it was research for Lost. I do plan on reading the book, later. The movie was good; fun to watch. I noticed a similar theme with Lost and Alice in Wonderland. It is similar- not exactly the same. I know this has been discussed already online, but want to do my own photo summary for your reading pleasure. Forgive any inaccuracies. Warning- Spoilers.

There are two queens in Wonderland. They are sisters. One is good, and one is bad. Only one may rule at a time. The White Queen is good.  She loves all creatures and has taken a vow not to harm any living being.

The Red Queen is bad. She dislikes her sister, the White Queen, and is jealous of her popularity with everyone in Wonderland. The Red Queen, when Alice returns, is running Wonderland. She has the crown and is the ruler, until the Frabjous Day when both queens battle for domination.

On Frabjous Day, each Queen presents their “Champion” who will fight on their behalf. Alice is the Champion of the White Queen. But, Alice isn’t ready to be a Champion. And, Alice is not prepared to fight the Jabboerwocky, the Red Queen’s Champion.

Or, so she believes. Thanks to Alice’s Wonderland friends, she finds her inner strength and “muchness.” Once her confidence is restored, she defeats the Jabberwocky. The White Queen is  crowned as ruler of Wonderland and the Red Queen is banished. And, all is well again in Wonderland.

So, Jacob is like the White Queen. They both like the color white.

Smokey/Man in Black is like the Red Queen. They both do not tolerate disobedience.

Is Richard more like the Mad Hatter or the Cheshire Cat or the Caterpillar? Or none of them?

Who will be Jacob’s Champion? We know the Candidates, but which one will be the Champion?

Jin or Sun, Number 42

Sawyer, Number 15

Sayid, Number 16

Hurley, Number 8

Jack, Number 23 (Shephard- could be Claire or Christian, maybe? or even, Aaron?)

Or, will the candidates work together and all be champions in their own special ways? Everything that Rises Must Converge.

Stay tuned. . .


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